Documented Performances 2021

ドキュメント・パフォーマンス 2021

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About Bottled Water

The “Bottled Water” project was conceived in 2018 among twin cities artists in collaboration between Hamburg and Osaka. The name symbolises a state of constant movement and standstill by means of the omnipresent element of water, which is eternally filled and reopened. The real exchange was postponed from 2020 to 202X due to travel restrictions and eventually moved to the virtual space.



Nils Knott, Hannes Wienert, Malte Struck, Carl-John Hoffmann, Franziska Nast, Aya Ito David, Kayu Nakada, UC EAST, Shoji Funakawa, Takuro Oshima, Tintin Patrone, Shotaro Ikeda, Tim Huys


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